Jonah Lehrer’s Journalistic Misdeeds at By Charles Seife

“For the past three months, Jonah Lehrer, science journalist, author of three books, and (former) New Yorker staff writer has been under siege. In mid-June, he was accused of recycling his old work and publishing it as new. Since then, a number of accounts assert that Lehrer committed the two mortal sins of journalism: fabrication and plagiarism.” Jonah Lehrer’s prior success is a perfect […]

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What are agencies doing to keep their talent? – Paarul Chand One element of early success in a corporate setting, Public Relations career originates mostly from the previous work-related experience, mentoring from practicum advisors and managers, the access of professional references and the associations you gain primarly as a pre-graduate. Essentially, these associations can possibly land you your next PR related job. Those who step out of their comfort zone […]

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A Student-Debt Revolt Begins BY VAUHINI VARA “On Monday, Heiney and fourteen other people who took out loans to attend Corinthian announced that they are going on a “debt strike,” and will stop repaying their loans. They believe that they have both ethical and legal grounds for what appears to be an unprecedented collective action against the debt charged to students […]

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6 ways to determine if you’re in the right career by Debbie Hopkins Hopkins depicts the essential components to contemplate personally when evaluating your true aspirations for your given career path. What I personally like the most about this article, is the eye-opening approach by asking the reader rhetorical questions then base the answer in a mentoring method. This particular style of writing can be interpreted as […]

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The Throwaways by Sarah Stillman (The New Yorker)

The Throwaways by Sarah Stillman Stillman sheds light for readers of The New Yorker on how the police enlist young offenders as confidential informants, who are often left to no choice but to work high-risk assignments, largely unregulated, and sometimes fatal interactions with dangerous drug-related criminals. What I like the most about this article is simply Stillman’s style of writing. For […]

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