The Good, Bad and the Dirty

Undercover investigative journalism can usually turn out real ugly and without a doubt, end awkward for those involved (obviously). In Al Jazeera’s “The Dark Side,” I felt sorry for the poor bloke on the other end, spilling out not only his but other professional players’ dirty laundry in hopes to lure in a potential ProMed investor. As the viewer, I kept thinking to myself: “Holy shit. Chris is the fakest British friend that anyone could ever have.” Anywho, I’ll give credit where credit is due, the undercover reporter, Chris Collins, did a great job acting the part. Let’s be real, the financially troubled, unsuccessful former British hurdler and pitiful contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, stirred up a can of worms that most don’t want any part of. Personally speaking, I found certain aspects in this documentary to be unethical, but I understand that sometimes as a journalist you have to do or say whatever you possibly can in order to get the full inside scoop. In this case, I believe that most fans won’t necessarily become activists after watching this film. Fans like myself, confide in their favorite athletes to portray absolute genuineness in the public eye, especially when put on the spot for doping. When unsupported allegations corner athletes to make a statement, fans will believe almost anything they say because they mentally can’t accept that their favorite athletes are cheaters without hard evidence or proof. In that being said, one result from watching this film as a fan is humorously using dope allegations to rip on your buddy’s favorite team or player for playing “dirty” because no one likes cheaters (sucks to be a Packers fan). In conclusion, what I learned from this documentary experience is that new forms of PED, including growth hormones, are playing a crucial role in American sports and the future of sports medicine. Consequently, the system is so easy to beat which inspiring athletes, who desperately want to achieve greatness, will try anything to accomplish it. Good day.


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