Bad News Bears

20 Reasons Baseball Is the Worst

“In 2009, MLB games were an average of 2 hours and 52 minutes, according to In the playoffs, it was an even more excruciating 3 hours and 30 minutes.

That’s insane. This year’s Super Bowl was only 45 minutes longer than that with a billion commercials and a freaking 34-minute power outage. And that’s just the average MLB playoff game we’re talking about.”


People who don’t “understand” baseball, don’t realize that because it is our national pastime, of course it’s going to be outdated and rather unappealing to the new generation. The year is 2016, sports as we know it is evolving every day. This includes its fundamental rules, regulations, talent-level, broadcast-media and most importantly, the fan’s expectations.  I understand that baseball culture is a hard pill to swallow, but give it credit, you don’t have to be the most athletic person to play. That’s the most important factor to remember.


For the record — I genuinely hate slideshow articles. Especially, those that don’t rely on the high-quality image to convey the author’s message. Personally, continuously clicking on a linked-arrow-button in order to complete an argumentative writing piece; to be extremely irritating. Not only did this redundant mechanism steered me away from finishing the slideshow, I also started to question my methods as a web-surfer. Why do I put myself in this ‘clicking’ misery?


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