Can Snapchat revive MLB?

“On March 11, MLB and Snapchat are teaming up to bring fans Snapchat Day. The event is part of a new, multi-year partnership between the two companies, which was announced Friday.

For the first time ever, players will be permitted to use smartphones during games in order to send pictures and video to Snapchat. If Bryce Harper wants to take a selfie in the dugout seconds before stepping into the on deck circle, or Craig Kimbrel wants to shoot video of his fellow relievers warming up before they enter a game, they can.”


Snapchat has become one of today’s trendiest forces to be reckon with, especially for top-media companies who want to expand their influence for a wider audience. Now, companies can pay Snapchat for certain marketing services like getting featured on the “discover” bar and having their “snap” stories broadcasted daily, which is noticeably assessable for all app-users. This is huge break through for developers mainly because social media marketing is becoming a profitable trend in the business world.

Everyone loves Snapchat. It’s easy to use, fast pace, updated often, easily sociable and effectively attracts those who have low attention spans. A number of media companies are catching interest in the capitalizing on the benefits of social media marketing. Vice, ESPN, CNN, IGN, WSJ, People magazine and the list goes on, are current examples of how Snapchat is expanding as more than just an app but a speedy source for news and entertainment.

This article is a perfect example of Snapchat expanding its marketing influence to Major League Baseball, and sports in general. This is only the beginning! I like many, have always wondered what it’s like to take part in a real Major League Baseball game and know how it feels to sit next to my favorite professional player in the dugout. I love the idea of athletes actively taking role in promoting the sport through social interactions and posting videos/pictures. Snapchat is a game changer for spectators, especially for die-hard fans.


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