Riots are destructive, dangerous, and scary — but can lead to serious social reforms By: Germane Lopez

“But riots can and have led to substantial reforms in the past, indicating that they can be part of a coherent political movement. By drawing attention to some of the real despair in destitute communities, riots can push the public and leaders to initiate real reforms to fix whatever led to the violent rage.”

Personally, I feel that German Lopez did an amazing job expressing the “hidden” truth behind social reform. I agree that riots can lead to real, substantial change. By the time I finished reading, I had a real sense of the misconceptions that most Americans see in media coverage today. For instance, the writer mentions that Baltimore is certainly getting a lot more attention following the looting and fires. However, riots don’t just lead to more attention  but as seen with other urban upheavals in the 1960s and 1990s, can lead to real reforms in local police departments and governments. Lopez, not only supports all his statements with historical background and quotes/interviews but as well as concrete government statistics to represent the overwhelming racial factors with law enforcement. In the end, I found this article to be an eye opening reader experience in many ways. I strongly recommend that those who truly don’t understand the recent protesting movement in Baltimore, should take a look at the perception derived from Lopez’s work and facts.


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