What are agencies doing to keep their talent? – Paarul Chand


One element of early success in a corporate setting, Public Relations career originates mostly from the previous work-related experience, mentoring from practicum advisors and managers, the access of professional references and the associations you gain primarly as a pre-graduate. Essentially, these associations can possibly land you your next PR related job. Those who step out of their comfort zone and venture off to get their feet “wet,” learn a lot about themselves, their aspirations and career goals and finally, their preference of work environment/field. As a un-experienced PR practitioner, my short-term goal is to gain as much professional insight before graduating as possible.

This article relates to what it takes to lure young workers to your PR firm and ways to keep them. “It’s ironical that the PR business in India has high attrition rates – some experts peg the attrition rate as high as 50% in the first year of a PR professional’s working life – some even choosing to leave PR itself, Chand states, all this makes retaining talent a very tough challenge.”

My first college credit based PR internship is coming up this fall and it just happens to be in Bangalore, India. I found this article informative in my case because it enlightened me on certain factors to keep in mind for when I’m venturing off and getting my feet “wet.” For instance, this article helped me to understand certain managerial incentives that can in the long run benefit the work environment for myself and my colleagues. Chand’s use of examples and reporting is fresh and innovative and I feel that other PR firms should take notice in the possible ways to keep their young work force lively and motivated.

Pankaj Suri, Head of HR at Edelman India said that, “a well-defined on boarding plan establishes a “road map” for each new hire, so they will know from day one what to expect over the first days, weeks, or even months on the job and will feel valued and can relax knowing the company has considered their ‘need to know’.”


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