A Student-Debt Revolt Begins BY VAUHINI VARA


“On Monday, Heiney and fourteen other people who took out loans to attend Corinthian announced that they are going on a “debt strike,” and will stop repaying their loans. They believe that they have both ethical and legal grounds for what appears to be an unprecedented collective action against the debt charged to students who attended Corinthian schools, and they are also making a broader statement about the trillion dollars of student debt owed throughout the country.”

I found this article relatable to not only to myself but to the millions of debt stricken colleagues living in this country. Living in this society, graduating with a college degree is an expectation and/or a social norm, especially in this economy. However, the cost of attending “good” universities even for academic honor students who qualify for scholarships, still face the ultimatum of possible private or government loans. Which essentially becomes the private debt that you work hard to pay off for years to come post graduating. Even with the financial aid that you could POSSIBLY be approved for from the government, the high costs of tuition, not to mention the meal plan and the housing situation, makes personal expense always tight. “Times are tough” especially for most college students and their wallets. But when hand fed the idea, the hope that the debt gain throughout your college experience will be able to be payed off through work opportunity that your degree ensures you is a lie. And then in fact trapping you in the systematic oppression of making payments and paying off interest rates, will have you thinking, was this debt really worth the college experience?

I respect what these students are protesting about and they should be looked as an example for all.  Without extreme advocacy, you will never find moderation.


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