6 ways to determine if you’re in the right career by Debbie Hopkins


Hopkins depicts the essential components to contemplate personally when evaluating your true aspirations for your given career path.

What I personally like the most about this article, is the eye-opening approach by asking the reader rhetorical questions then base the answer in a mentoring method. This particular style of writing can be interpreted as enlightening in a professional and advocating way.

The author starts by asking the reader, “What is your passion?” Then follows that with a series of more specific self analyzing subjects such as, “can you describe your strengths in a horizontally way?” For example, Hopkins suggests that we often limit ourselves by what we have studied or what is reflected on our resumes. Instead, she suggests that we challenge ourselves to keep an open mind. By thinking broadly about your capabilities you will open new doors and have the confidence to succeed. This advice I found fundamentally helpful because it enables the reader to self-reflect and build confidence with their chosen career desires.

Personally, the most practical advice that I gained from Hopkin’s article is essentially her motivation for her audience to follow their true passionate traits and utilize them in a way in which they can benefit financially from them. To elaborate, she suggests that you are not limited to one industry or one designated career path because of your degree. Instead, by gaining work experience in several industries, you earn valuable insight to make future career decisions. In conclusion, follow what you are passionately good at, whether it’s writing or math just utilize your best attributes and don’t let them to go to waste. In the end, Hopkins does a great job clarifying that work requires a lot of energy and try to your best to pick a role or industry you truly enjoy and be honest in assessing what keeps you motivated.


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